My Least Favorite Movies of 2014

Not going to call this a ‘Worst’ list. These are simply the 10 movies I had the most displeasure viewing. Plus, there are several supposedly bad movies (Ouija) that I never got a chance to see. So here are my 10 Least Favorite viewing experiences of 2014. Click on each one to read the full review and feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

  1. MALEFICENT Yes, Angelina Jolie did a fine job and the intentions were noble enough, but the script was dull and they turned a Disney classic villain into a prankster with a sappy, happy ending, essentially giving the Sleeping Beauty story no need for a revamp.
  1. EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS Ridley Scott continued his cold streak with this soulless excuse for a biblical epic that includes ludicrous action sequences and disconnected characters.
  1. RIDE ALONG A generic buddy cop movie that relied on the same Kevin Hart antics over and over again until they became stale.
  1. LUCY The script never managed to live up to the weight of the titular character, leaving us with a movie void of intrigue that could’ve been over after 20 minutes.
  1. TAMMY A comedy that wasn’t funny. At least now we know that Melissa McCarthy being Melissa McCarthy isn’t enough to drive a movie.
  1. SEX TAPE The only funny thing about this raunchy comedy wannabe was the Jack Black cameo at the end.
  1. POMPEII Hilariously bad acting and a story seemingly written by a 4th grader.
  1. A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST Seth McFarland should stick to doing voice overs. I only remember one funny part in the entire movie.
  1. INTO THE STORM Stuffed full of disaster movie clichés and flat out stupidity, yet they didn’t even bother to give us disaster movie scope until the last 15 minutes.
  1. ANNIE Some say cute, I say corniest film of the year. I expected style and all I got was something made for Disney Channel.

HONORABLE MENTION: Rio 2, Dracula Untold, Transcendence, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Think Like a Man Too, Let’s Be Cops


July 2014 Quick Reviews

New movies are coming out left and right. I’m just trying to keep up. Here are a few quick reviews from some recent July flicks I’ve seen…


Tammy_posterBy now you should know all about Melissa McCarthy’s antics. And, by now, you should know whether or not you’re a fan. I, personally, have found her hilarious just about every time she is on a screen, whether it be movie (Bridesmaids, The Heat) or television. She is both quirky and lovable and even when her characters are abrasive, you can’t help but admire their gusto. But some scripts are even too dull for Melissa McCarthy to save (see IdentityThief). In the case of Tammy, there just isn’t enough here to make this film about a down on her luck woman going road tripping with her grandma (Susan Sarandon) worth sitting through. Did I laugh? Sure, a few times. Will you laugh if you like Melissa McCarthy? Probably. But the majority of the best chuckles can be found in the trailer, so there’s no point in sitting through a boring plot when that’s the case. FINAL GRADE: C-

Sex Tape

art-streiber_sex-tape-movie-posterAs the title suggests, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal star as a married couple who make a sex tape in order to recapture their once intimate relationship. After the video is mistakenly uploaded to iPads belonging to their friends and family, the couple go on a quest to cover up their blunder as well as find a mysterious texter who has already seen the tape. Jack Black has a fairly comedic cameo and Cameron Diaz still has a very nice body in her 40’s. That’s probably the only positive things I can say about this forgettable raunchy comedy wannabe (and even the latter complement is negated by Jason Segal nudity). I found myself checking the time and waiting for this one to be over, several times. There is barely any chemistry between the two leads and the force fed heartfelt moments fall flat. Even if you found moments in the trailer funny, I doubt there is much more that you’ll crack a smile at. FINAL GRADE: D  

The Purge: Anarchy

the-purge-anarchy-2014While the first Purge had its share of twists and turn, it left a lot to be desired. With such a broad premise; annual government sanctioned murder used to cleanse our sinful country in the near future, it doesn’t make much sense to have all of the action confined to one family in one house. Anarchy luckily takes the audience further into this world, giving more characters and perspectives about this twisted society than the first film ever dreamed of. If you’re going to have a movie about legal mass murder then take us where the action is. The film follows a mother (Carmen Ejogo of Sparkle), her overly inquisitive daughter, a stranded couple going through separation, and a gun toting rogue out to avenge his child (Frank Grillo of Captain America: Winter Soldier) as they try and navigate their way through murderers, rapists, sick rich people, and even the treacherous government themselves. While the film does go through flashes of dryness and, like the first film, some characters are boring, overall the film is a solid upgrade from its predecessor and does a much better job hammering home the underlying political allegory. FINAL GRADE: B